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- CO2 Capture & Utilization

For CCU applications in chemical production, two key criteria stand out: economic viability and significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared with traditional production methods for the same chemical. The findings are corroborated with data from a pilot plant producing 10 kg/day of formic acid. The continuous operability of the process is demonstrated via pilot plant operation for >100 h, achieving a CO2 conversion rate of 82% and producing FA with a high purity of >92 wt %. The proposed process significantly reduces the level of global warming impact by 42% while cutting the production cost by 37%, compared with the conventional process for producing FA. Given the global capacity for formic acid production, the method proposed here could mitigate over 90 kt CO2 emissions annually.


Kim, C., Park, K., Lee, U. et al. Joule, 2542-4351 (2024).

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